• Rack with clean clothes on hangers after dry-cleaning indoors

About Jefferson Cleaners

Don and Helen Pham purchased Jefferson Cleaners in 2005 and now have locations in Holden, Worcester, and Oxford, MA. They and their 4 employees handle operation of the cleaners as well as pickup and delivery. Don and Helen have two children, Joseph and Teresa.

In addition to quality products, customer service is the other main goal at Jefferson Cleaners, Towne Cleaners, and Summit Coin-Op & Cleaners. Don comes from a background as a chip designer, having previously worked for Intel Corp. His college minor was chemical engineering and he routinely applies that knowledge to the cleaning chemicals used at his locations.

In addition to dry cleaning, Jefferson Cleaners offers wet cleaning as a chemical-free green cleaning alternative, using detergent instead of dry cleaning.

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Clean stuff is on the rack at the dry cleaners

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